Letrista/ Traducción

"Hay que luchar siempre por intentar hacer canciones y letras que enganchen y transmitan, y esto se puede lograr en cualquier idioma y estilo musical”

¿Necesitas letras para tus canciones en inglés, español o alemán?

Puedo crear letras para tus ideas musicales o supervisar, adaptar/traducir las que has hecho .......

aquí te muestro una de mis letras favoritas......


Lazy afternoon, in silence every single noise becomes a friendly tune
Tiny photographs remind me of the friends I haven´t seen for long
And you
Some of them still call, we talk about old stories  and the things they´d like to do
But somewhere, somehow there´s so much we have lost
And I can see they feel it too, oh!
Here I am, drawing pictures of myself in Neverland
Writing songs for those who don´t know how much I care
And as time goes by I see how deep inside our memories rewind
Memories rewind
Can´t go back in time, and if I could,
I don´t think I would change the way I chose
I will cast a spell to get back every moment and the things we used to do
Everyone I know has a little story
Something to tell, they haven´t told
Every single word is a piece of of our ring
A part of the circle that we draw